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Sports Massage is ideal for pre or post events. Planning a marathon, or simply wanting to resume exercise after a long lay-off? Sports Massage is is the ideal solution. Both our experienced Masseurs Will and Steve will be pleased to answer your questions, and both offer a free initial consultation.

Sports injuries
require specialised treatment plans to help promote the recovery and repair of tissues. The reduction of swelling and guidance on exercises appropriate for the return to normal function is only part of the return to full fitness and well being.

Every injury is treated according to each individuals requirements, and takes into consideration their physical structure, nutritional intake, determination and level of physical activity they wish to achieve.

Old injury areas often respond favourably to Soft Tissue Release. This works physiologically by breaking adhesions that are binding fibres, and this movement causes this to happen in exactly the right direction that is needed to re-align the fibres so that they can provide proper function. It also works neurologically by allowing the nervous system to relax the tissues in the area. This then gives the affected area the means to return to its full function.

muscles diagramMuscle Energy Techniques, or MET, is a collective name for a variety of techniques that stretch, strengthen or break down fibrous adhesions. It also encourages the injured person to actively take part by providing the primary force in treating the injury. This is useful if the area being treated is tender. You then feel more in control of the level of discomfort and can give feedback to the therapist.

These techniques can also be used away from the treatment room. The method works by re-educating the nervous system into relaxing the injured or tense area. This then allows the muscle fibres to be re-aligned as they heal and to progress towards stretching and strengthening the area.

man receiving massage picIf the injury is very recent, then the sooner it can be treated, the quicker the recovery will be. However new or old the injury is, treatment often takes more than one appointment. This is to allow a recovery and repair time for the body before the next part of the treatment takes place.

Follow up is important otherwise the injury can very quickly return to its original state. Treating an injury can be likened to decorating your house: good preparation and thorough follow up gives a much better opportunity for a full recovery.

Another cause of imbalance within the physical structures of the body is emotional stress. Stress often causes the body to manifest inner feelings in a physical way. This can result in bad posture and this can lead to tightening of one group of muscles whilst weakening others. Treatment can help correct the physical imbalances. Massage has its own unique set of qualities and on its own can encourage lymphatic flow and drainage. It can also induce a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

See also Deep Tissue Massage.

We also offer Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

When is Sports Massage available?

Home & Office visits Monday to Friday by appointment

How much does Sports Massage cost?

£40 (60 mins)

How do I book?

1. Call 01273 470955

2. email

Payments can be made to your therapist by cheque, cash, credit or debit card.


Where can I get more information on Sports Massage?

Two of our massage therapists also have their own personal websites: Will and Steve.

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