Tai Chi Beginners Course
with Jeremy Marshall (Lewes)

Monday, 5-6pm
Venue: Christchurch Hall
St Edwards Road Lewes BN7 1BL

Cost: £80 for 10 weeks


Tai Chi Intermediates Course
with Jeremy Marshall (Lewes)

Monday, 6.15-7.45pm
Venue: Christchurch Hall
St Edwards Road Lewes BN7 1BL

Cost: £50 for 5 weeks

Parking available.

What is Tai Chi?
Tai chi is a series of soft slow gentle movements that originated in China as a martial art. It is mostly known in the west for its health promoting benefits, which are many and varied and these days there is much research to support this claim.
Most people come to tai chi because they want to maintain or recover their physical health, improve their vitality, their balance, build bone density or just create a sense of relaxation and ease within their body and mind. Some come out of an interest in martial arts.
We teach the Wu style long form, direct from the Wu family in Shanghai.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?
Tai chi teaches you to move in a relaxed, coordinated, and connected way. It teaches you how to recover some ease within your body, breath properly, relax physical and mental tension, improve your energy, meditate and slow down. It can help maintain good health and recover poor health.
It gives you the opportunity to learn something new and grow both mentally and physically, which is a rejuvenating practice in itself and hugely rewarding.
Tai chi is an extremely effective martial art and with much study and practice of its fighting methods it can be used for self-defence. Good health is the foundation of this training and in the beginning not much emphasis is placed on this side of tai chi.

How does it work?
Tai chi is practiced firstly with awareness on the body, in accordance with certain principles to ensure correct physical alignment. This can only be accomplished by relaxing muscular tension which slowly dissolves the stress we carry within our mind and body. Movement must then be connected to the breath, as breathing deeply and slowly has many health benefits, and thirdly the mind must be present and focused on each movement. When body, breath and mind is connected Tai chi is being practiced and it becomes meditation in movement.

What you will learn in this class
In this class you will learn core principles and ideas inherent in all tai chi and Qi gong. You will learn certain key movements and postures fundamental to the Tai chi form, which we will begin towards the end of the course, once everyone is comfortable with what we have learnt. The focus of this course is getting people into the tai chi zone and building body awareness, alignment and coordination, rather than learning lots of different movements.

About your teacher
Jeremy Marshall has been practicing Tai chi and Qi gong for 20 years and is a senior instructor in the Wu shi Tai ji and Qi gong association.
He is a 6th generation disciple of the Wu family in Shanghai and as such practices the full syllabus of methods within the system such as slow form, fast form, pushing hands, sparring methods and weapons forms.
He also knows many Qi gong methods as passed down from his teacher Michael Acton and his teacher Dr Li Li Qin.
He is also an acupuncturist with over 10 years experience of Chinese medicine.

Contact Jeremy to reserve your place on 07929 742243 or mymarshallarts@hotmail.co.uk
Spaces fill up fast on this course so please book sooner rather than later.
Payment is by cash, cheque or BACS directly with Jeremy.


yoga class pic Yoga
Tutor tba (Lewes)

Venue: St Michael's Church Hall, High St, Lewes

We are interviewing tutors for this course - please call 01273 476294 to check latest info

"I've never found a better teacher"
Sharon Clark

Against the backdrop of modern society where stress and superficiality thrive, the practice of Yoga provides some brief sanity, enabling us to enjoy the experience of aligning our body through releasing postures which give us a deeper experience of our self, gaining calmness, focus and a sense of inner spaciousness to take back our lives.

How to book:
Phone 01273 476294

Early booking is advised, as these classes usually sell out in advance.
Please call 01273 476294 for update on availability and to enrol (or go on to a short waiting list for places on future courses).

These courses will be repeated in Autumn 2018 - please book early to be sure of your place.

tai chi woman picTai Chi for Beginners & Improvers (Lewes)
Paul Tucker

Venues: Newhaven / Seaford outdoor classes start Summer 2018, venues & dates tba

Please call 01273 476294 to book

"I'm loving my 5pm Monday Tai Chi class - the teacher is excellent and I think I have convinced another person to sign up next term!" Tania Shadrick

Tai Chi Ch'uan is an ancient form of slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise which originated in China, where it is still extremely popular, often being performed in public parks early in the morning when the air is at its freshest. The style taught here is the Yang style Short Form as developed by Professor Ch'eng Man Ch'ing, currently the most popular form of Tai Chi in the U.K.

Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as 'meditation in movement' or 'swimming in air' for externally that is how it appears. It is a soft martial art, quite unlike karate, ju jitsu or any of the 'hard' martial arts which rely on force and speed.

Tai Chi strengthens our internal energy, and allows it to flow more freely through the body. It is gentle and non-violent, though after much practice it is an extremely effective form of self defence. more info...

Early booking is advised, as these classes usually sell out in advance.
Please call 01273 476294 for update on availability and to enrol (or go on to a short waiting list for places on future courses).

Please visit www.equilibrium-clinic.com/Tai_Chi for more information on Tai Chi, and full details of all future classes.


Reiki hands pic Reiki Level 2 Certificated Course (Lewes)
with Sue Hall


Sundays 7th & 14th October 2018, 10.00am-5.00pm
Venue: Firle

Reiki Level 2 Certificated Course

This course is for students who have completed Reiki Level I, and who are committed to carrying their Reiki forward in order to help others to help themselves. When a student is attuned to Reiki Level II energy he/she is able to work as a Reiki practitioner (when insured), either privately or as part of a complementary health centre.

In an ever-changing world, more and more healers are needed on many levels, and when one is attuned to Reiki level II energy the overwhelming feelings are of gratitude and wonder at having this powerful yet gentle magic in one’s life. The changes experienced after being attuned to Reiki energy at Level I are enhanced greatly with the second attunement. This is truly a life-enhancing and transformational step to take, should you choose to do so.

In Reiki I we learned how to channel Reiki healing energy, and to clear our subtle energy bodies in order to bring about self-healing, an essential process done on a regular basis. We also learned how to use Reiki on others in a hands-on healing session, and to tune in to the different sensations which may arise from this practice, both from the healer’s and the client’s perspective. This has prepared us for the second level, during which we will:

Revise our Reiki journey so far
Evaluate and discuss where we are now
Introduce the sacred Reiki symbols
Learn the symbols and their uses
Be attuned to the sacred symbols
Practice distant healing using the appropriate symbol
Practice healing on each other using the appropriate symbol
Discuss the connection between emotional and physical dis-ease
Presentation of Reiki level II certificates

The course will include discussion, meditation, the opportunity to share in a confidential and safe environment, and a detailed folder of notes to take with you.

Please bring with you your self-healing notes, and be prepared to discuss any case studies and experiences since your first attunement. If your Reiki I attunement was with a Master other than Sue, she will need to have a short conversation with you in order to establish a foundation for Reiki II training. Please call 01273 476294 to arrange.

The course runs from 10.00am to 5.00pm each day.

How to book:
Please make cheques payable to Susan Hall, and send to:

3 Milldown
Kingston Rd
East Sussex BN7 3NB


rose with hands pic Reiki Level 1 Certificated Course (Lewes)
with Sue Hall

Held over 2 Sundays, 10.00am-5.00pm - further 2018 dates tba
Venue: Firle

An affordable way to learn a new healing art and to enhance your existing therapeutic skills!

Reiki Master Susan Hall will be holding a Reiki Level 1 Course over 2 Sundays. As part of the course each student will be attuned to the Reiki healing energy. This process then allows the student to give healing to themselves and others throughout their lifetime.

Sue's classes are friendly and informal, and you will experience the simple method of how Reiki is performed. Learning Reiki is not an academic exercise so it is suitable for people of all ages.

During a Reiki treatment, the hands are placed lightly on 12 basic positions on the fully clothed body. The Reiki energy naturally activates and radiates via the palms of the practitioner’s hands. The recipient’s own healing mechanisms draw the right amount of energy wherever needed on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki allows the recipient to enter a state of balance where healing can take place. It is a transformational energy that can be life changing.

On successful completion of the 2 day course, you will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate. The course runs from 10.00am to 5.00pm each day and the cost of £150 includes free refreshments throughout the course.

How to book:
Please make cheques payable to Susan Hall, and send to:

3 Milldown
Kingston Rd
East Sussex BN7 3NB

Please visit www.equilibrium-clinic.com/reiki for more information on Reiki.



Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
with Nick Diggins


Please call Nick for details of next courses & venues

How to book: Phone Nick 07948 795645

More info :


8-week Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses with Teresa Gane Share

Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Lewes
Course dates tba

"Thanks again - it was a kind, supportive and non-judgmental space and I learned a lot."
Feedback from a course participant, November 2015

Mindfulness is a way of being in the present moment which involves bringing a compassionate awareness to how we actually are at any given time. This gives us an opportunity to be open to our experiences, to notice how we relate to them and gives us a choice in how we deal with them.

Mindfulness practice can therefore help people deal with low mood, stress, anxiety and pain management in an open and compassionate way. It can help promote well-being in everyday life and can give us space in which to connect and "be" in our lives.

The 8-week MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) course involves participants practising various meditations in addition to some CBT exercises and gentle movement practice. The course is approved by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) as an effective treatment for the prevention of relapse of episodes of low mood.

The course is run over 8 consecutive weeks, with an introductory session held before Week 1 to ascertain it is the right course at the right time for the participant to be on. There is also an additional day retreat at around Week 6 of the course to help deepen the practice. Each session lasts 2 hours, with participants required to do home practice every day.

Teresa has been teaching mindfulness since 2008 after training with the Centre for Mindfulness Practice & Research, Bangor University, and has monthly supervision via the Mindfulness Network CIC. She is also a member of Grow Mindfulness CIC, Brighton.

How to book:
1) Phone 07957 858583 or email teresagane@gmail.com
3) Contact Teresa via the website www.everydayspace.co.uk

Early booking is advised, as these classes usually sell out in advance. Please call 07957 858583 for update on availability and to enrol (or go on to a short waiting list for places on future courses).

Please visit www.everydayspace.co.uk for more information on the courses.


How do I book?

To reserve your place on any of the above courses, simply call 01273 470955.

Please either
1) Book online using above links
2) Call 01273 470955 with credit/debit card details (for Tai Chi & Scaravelli Yoga courses only), or
3) Call in anytime Monday-Saturday (we're always pleased to see our students and you'll be offered a free tea!) or
4) Send cheque/ P.O. (please see above for who to make cheques payable to) and send to:

Equilibrium Health Centre
16 Station St
East Sussex

The small print

Cancellations policy: In the unlikely event that we may have to cancel a course for whatever reason, a full refund will paid immediately.

For cancellations by you with more than 14 days notice (before your course start date), a full refund will be made (less £10 admin charge).
With less than 14 days notice, refunds can be made only at the discretion of the tutor and provided there is a waiting list student able to take up the vacated place. Please note no refunds can be made after the start of your course.



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01273 470955

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