acupuncture needles Acupuncture

"I've had acupuncture before, and this was the best I've ever had"
Rosie Macklin

"It's been really brilliant for 5 month old Jenson's urticaria. I could literally see the difference as his rash disappeared within minutes" Sarah Owen, mother

"I'd slept badly for years, and now the problem's gone. It really has changed my life. She's wonderful."
Louise Ritman

"I had tried other treatments before coming here, but this has been a revelation. I would never have believed it possible in just 4 sessions - it's changed my life."
Liz Johnson

"I'm very happy to recommend Hye-Eun. Everyone says how much better I look, and it's been so quick."
Caroline Goldsmith

"Thanks to Anthea I've had my baby. She was brilliant. It was all down to her. In fact, without her, I know it just wouldn't have been possible."
Lorraine Citrone

"The treatment with Hye-Eun was amazing - for the first time yesterday I was pain-free. And my friends have all been saying I look really well!"
Jane Butler

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese Medicine, which has been used in the Orient for at least 3000 years. It is an energetic system, which restores and maintains health by the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the surface of the body. It can also be used as a complementary therapy to Western medical treatment.
Acupuncture can offer relief to people who are not responding well to general medicine and to those feeling unwell, but for whom no diagnosis can be made.

 How Acupuncture works

Acupuncture treats the whole person, rather than the disease. This means that the acupuncturist looks at the patient as a whole to find the origins of the illness. Very fine needles are then inserted to rebalance the flow of energy in the system, by dispersing blockages or by tapping reservoirs to replenish energy, where the body requires it.

Acupuncture has always been used as a preventative medicine, able to correct imbalances in their early stages, so that more serious conditions do not develop. Traditionally, a check-up at the change of each season provided this foundation of good health.

 What can Acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can affect many ailments as long as the degenerative process in the body is not too extensive. It can help



Headaches and migraines

Rheumatism and Arthritis

Backache and sciatica

Digestive problems

Asthma and other respiratory problems

Ear, nose and throat problems

Depression and anxiety



Gynaecological problems

Menstrual problems

Fatigue and stress

Neurological problems

Musculo-skeletal problems

Allergies e.g. hay-fever

 What happens in a treatment?

During the initial consultation the practitioner will take a full case history of past and present illnesses and family tendencies. The practitioner will make observations about your body including taking the pulse and examining the tongue. Having decided on the cause of the problem, the points and the appropriate form of treatment are chosen. Fine sterile disposable needles are used. They are inserted into specific points on the body and left in place for 15-20 minutes. This causes no pain. The total number of treatments needed varies from person to person, partly depending on the length and severity of the condition, partly on your general health & well-being.

acupuncture hand After the treatment

After acupuncture treatment you may feel very relaxed or even drowsy. You are welcome to sit and relax in the clinic for as long as you like, and we would be happy to offer you a complimentary drink. If driving, you would be well advised to first walk around for a few minutes to acclimatise.


Acupuncture is available with Oscar 5 days a week


How much does Acupuncture cost?

First appointment (75 mins): £40 (Oscar)
Follow-up appointment (45 mins): £40 (Oscar)

How do I book for Acupuncture?

1. Call 01273 476294

2. email

3. In person at Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre, 16 Station St, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2DB


acupuncture meridiansWhere can I find more information about Acupuncture?

The professional body is the British Acupuncture Council which keeps a register of practitioners, and has information on the history of acupuncture and research projects.

Our acupuncturist has his own websites here: Oscar


Acupuncture Awareness Week

Each year we celebrate Acupuncture Awareness Week by offering discounts, special offers and free gifts for a whole month!
Please watch out for the next one...


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