Tui Na

"I had the Tui Na Chinese massage treatment with Oscar and it was the most relaxing, all encompassing, balancing, effective treatment I've had to date. I found it both mentally and physically refreshing, which in turn helps the spirit feel serene! I was embarrassingly late for the treatment, but put at ease immediately by both Oscar and the consistently kind and helpful Paul at Equilibrium." Tracey Younghusband

"An amazing welcome, a great treatment by Oscar. Who also educated me as to Chinese massage and meridian energy! I cannot recommend this centre and therapist more highly!" Emma Disney

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na is a deep, invigorating Chinese acupressure massage that literally means “push grasp”. A branch of Chinese medicine, it is similar to acupuncture in its diagnostic process.

Tui Na uses often quite deep techniques to the soft tissue and joints but also focuses on channels and selected Qi points that have been identified as requiring work.

The primary aim of a Tui Na session is to improve the local circulation of blood, release tension within muscles, clear build-up of waste materials, facilitate joint mobility and improve nerve conductivity. When these potential causes of energy blockage have been tackled, the Qi flow throughout the body can be restored more effectively.

What happens in a Tui Na treatment?

A typical treatment includes a rhythmic deep tissue workout followed by a series of therapeutic stretches and manipulations.

Tui Na Massage is performed through clothing.

Your therapist Oscar finishes with some calming acupoints, and you'll leave feeling blissfully de-stressed.

Expect to feel looser and revitalised.

When is Tui Na available?

Oscar offers Home & Office visits Monday to Friday by appointment

How much does Tui Na cost?

£40 (first appointment 75 mins, subsequent appointments 60 mins)

How do I book for Tui Na?

1. Call 01273 476294

2. email

An additional snippet...

Our Tui Na practitioner Oscar is also a fully qualified Massage therapist.


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