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"...I have attended quite a few of Paul's Tai Chi classes... and have enjoyed each and every one. Paul is a very calm and enthusiastic instructor and makes the classes very enjoyable. I feel much more relaxed afterwards and I am very keen to continue with Tai Chi in the future." Laverne Hamill full review

"...the Tai Chi course was a great investment. The teacher put us all at ease with a friendly manner and explained the background and benefits of the movements as well as teaching us the form." Allium123 full review

"Have attended Paul's Tai Chi classes...and found them so beneficial. Went there suffering from a trapped nerve and sciatica and even my osteopath was amazed at my mobility and flexibility. Will definitely wish to continue. Can strongly recommend." Valerie Roden full review

"I'm loving my 5pm Monday Tai Chi class - the teacher is excellent and I think I have convinced another person to sign up next term!" Tania Shadrick, January 2016

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is an ancient form of slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise which originated in China, where it is still extremely popular, often being performed in public parks early in the morning when the air is at its freshest. The style taught here is the Yang style Short Form as developed by Professor Ch'eng Man Ch'ing, currently the most practised form of Tai Chi in the U.K.

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Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as 'meditation in movement' or 'swimming in air' for externally that is how it appears. It is a soft martial art, quite unlike karate, ju jitsu or any of the 'hard' martial arts which rely on force and speed. Tai Chi strengthens our internal energy, and allows it to flow more freely through the body.

Tai Chi is gentle and non-violent, though after much practice it is an extremely effective form of self defence.


tai chi woman picTai Chi for Beginners
with Paul Tucker

Venues: Newhaven / Seaford outdoor classes start Summer 2018, venues & dates tba

Please call 01273 476294 to book

How to book:
Phone 01273 476294 (Monday-Saturday) or

Early booking is advised, as these classes usually sell out in advance.
Please call 01273 476294 for update on availability and to enrol (or go on to a short waiting list for places on future courses).

tai ji pic What happens in a Tai Chi class?

The classes are co-operative rather than competitive - there are no grades or belts to achieve, and the emphasis is on small amounts of regular practice. A new 'posture' is learned every week - in Tai Chi this is a series of fluid, flowing movements rather than a static pose. We repeat the posture the following week, and when everyone feels sure they have remembered it, we add on another.

By the end of the first term you will have learned the first section of the Short Form. For some students this will be adequate, and will certainly be a useful introduction to the art of Tai Chi. Others may wish to learn more - normally the Short Form is taught over four terms. There are extra opportunities for revision classes, outdoor classes in the park, private tuition and learning aids for students of all levels.

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 Do I need to be fit?

People of all ages and abilities can benefit from Tai Chi. No special equipment or uniform is needed, just wear loose, comfortable clothing to the first class, and flat-soled shoes if you have them (not trainers) although Tai Chi can be performed in socks or bare feet.

Students will find that a couple of minutes daily practice at home greatly enhances appreciation of the weekly classes. The entire short form takes about 12 minutes to practice.

tai chi with horses pic How can Tai Chi help me?

Although Tai Chi can eventually be used in self-defence, and our classes incorporate some of the practical applications, it is initially practiced for its health-giving benefits. It is particularly useful for calming the mind and body, increasing alertness and body awareness, and for developing concentration and sensitivity.

Tai Chi helps with balance and posture, and most students report a greater sense of 'groundedness'.

tai chi pic Where can I learn?

Private one-to-one lessons can be arranged in/around Lewes on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.

Beginner Courses are held in Newhaven & Seaford from Spring to Autumn.

Private lessons
Thursday/Friday across East Sussex.

tai chi shoes pic What equipment do I need?

Just loose comfortable clothing is all you really need to start Tai Chi. Eventually, you may like to obtain the canvas-soled Tai Chi shoes that we wear in class. The Costume Store in Iford sells them.

If you are planning a trip to London, there are shops in Chinatown which sell them (turn left out of Leicester Square tube and head into Little Newport St). Occasionally they can be picked up at street markets (though they tend to be seasonal). Make sure you try them on first if possible, as sizing is not always accurate.

tai chi book pic tai chi book pic More info is available in the tutor's books, only £4.95 at all good bookshops.

tai chi silhouette pic When is Tai Chi available?

Private lessons: By appointment Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.

External courses: External classes and workshops at your home or workplace available by arrangement.

How much does Tai Chi cost?

Classes: payable termly (£7 per class) or weekly (£8 per class).

Private lessons for individuals: £50 (60mins) or £30 (30mins) - pay on the day.

Private lessons for groups at your venue inclusive course preparation, handouts for all participants, Q & A session (if required) and travel:

Up to 20 participants: £120 per hour
20 - 30 participants: £150 per hour
Over 30 participants: £180 per hour

How do I book?

1) Call 01273 476294, or
2) Send cheque/ P.O. (please make cheques payable to Equilibrium Health Centre) and send to:

Equilibrium Health Centre
3 Milldown
Kingston Rd
East Sussex

Classes are popular! Early booking is advised, as many classes sell out before they start.

If your preferred class is full, we will be glad to offer to place you on a short waiting list in case of cancellations.

See the classes page for up to date info on all class and workshop availability.


Cancellations policy

In the unlikely event that we may have to cancel a course for whatever reason, a full refund will paid immediately.

For cancellations by you with more than 14 days notice (before the course start date), a full refund will be made (less £10 admin charge).
After this date, refunds can be made only at the discretion of the tutor and provided there is a waiting list student able to take up the vacated place.




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