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June 2017
Equilibrium Facials
1) A one hour Massage only £25
It's true! Throughout the entire month of June you can book a full 1 hour Massage with Denise for just £25 at Equilibrium.  

The offer is available to the first 20 applicants and expires on June 30th. To book your appointment please call 01273 470955 mentioning 'June Massage offer'.

For more information about this treatment, and the types of massage Denise offers, please email  denise_carey@hotmail.co.uk.

2) £5 off a Holistic Facial

Simply call 01273 470955 and mention 'June Holistic Facial offer' (see below for details) to receive £5 off your treatment.

Please note this offer is available every Wednesday with Helen and is limited to the first 20 people to apply.
Equilibrium Facials
Helen now offers Holistic Facials

Helen Nestor, who also offers Ayurvedic Massage at Equilibrium every Wednesday, now has Holistic Facial treatments available too. Following the response to last month's special offer, Helen is offering £5 off throughout June to the first 20 people to book a Holistic Facial. 

Holistic Facial treatments use only organic products, free from harsh additives or chemicals. They're ideal if you're looking for a more traditional way of caring for the skin that won't irritate or interfere with the skin's natural function.

Treatment includes an Ayurvedic Face Massage which will relax you whilst improving your circulation. Until 30th June, for a 60 minute treatment you'll save £5 off the usual price of £45.

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Quote of the Month
"Always do right.
This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

~ Mark Twain

Summer has arrived! Hopefully the clear skies, warmer weather and sunshine will continue throughout the month of flaming June, enabling us all to top up on our Vitamin D...
If you need help with getting into shape, or maintaining tip-top health this summer, we have a great team of professional practitioners who can help you - feel free to call for free advice.

In clinic news, Denise has returned from her year away in Vietnam & Cambodia with a very special introductory offer of just £25 for a massage throughout June - if you'd like one, please book asap as they're sure to be snapped up quickly.

Here's wishing you a healthy & happy Summer!
Health in the News
Long waits for surgery 'have tripled in four years'

The number of patients waiting six months or more for surgery has tripled over the past four years in England, the Royal College of Surgeons has said.

In March, nearly 130,000 people had been waiting for operations after being referred to a consultant, compared with 45,000 in March 2013. But 9 out of
10 patients were still treated within 18 weeks, data shows. 

NHS England said it had cut the number of patients waiting more than a year for treatment.
A spokeswoman said: "The NHS has cut the number of patients waiting more than a year for treatment by nearly 13,000 over the past five years, and spending on non-urgent surgery is continuing to rise." However, the surgeons said they were
concerned that many more patients would wait longer for surgery in the future.

Earlier this year, NHS England boss Simon Stevens said growing pressures in the health service meant he could no longer guarantee treatment within the 18-week target time for operations such as knee and hip replacements. The Royal College of Surgeons
says this is resulting in more people waiting for six to nine months or more for surgery, in specialities such as ear, nose and throat, brain and spinal, and general surgery.  More...

How has the fitness video adapted to the YouTube age?

When Cassey Ho, 30, logs on to her YouTube page "blogilates" and uploads her latest workout video, she knows she will soon be inundated with comments from fans across all her social media accounts. 

The fitness video blogger, or vlogger for short, has amassed nearly four million subscribers to her YouTube channel, as well as millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

She is one of a new breed of fitness vloggers exploiting the internet's ability to beam content to global mass audiences at very low production costs.
It's a far cry from when fitness queen Jane Fonda inspired millions of people around the world to try aerobics in front of their living room TVs throughout the 1980s. She sold more than 17 million tapes.
Scores of other models, actors and stars followed suit. But today, you can find more than 30 million fitness videos on YouTube alone, and countless more on other social media platforms.
Budding fitness kings and queens can publish and gain a following without star status, a fancy studio or thousands of pounds' worth of equipment, simply recording workouts on their smartphones at the beach or in their gardens and editing the content on their laptops.

But unlike the traditional workout video, where weight loss and fitness was the goal, consumers are logging on to their favourite fitness vloggers for a more intimate and interactive experience.

"Fitness videos have switched from being functional to being aspirational content that give people a window into the lives of the fitness influencers they look up to," says Richard Wilson, chief executive of Clickon Media, a content creation firm.  More... 
With thanks to the BBC for the above items
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Courses for great health...  
Tai Chi
for Beginners

Monday 11th September  

St Michael's Hall,
High St,
Tutor: Paul Tucker 
Tai Chi Ch'uan is an ancient form of slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise which originated in China.

Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as 'meditation in movement' or 'swimming in air'. It's unlike any of the 'hard' martial arts which rely on force and speed.

Tai Chi strengthens our internal energy, and allows it to flow more freely through the body.

It is gentle and non-violent, though after much practice is an extremely effective form of self defence.

Monday 18th September
6.30-7.45pm Book now 8.00-9.00pm Book now 

St Michael's Hall,
High St,

Tutor: Jane Manze
Against the backdrop of modern society where stress and superficiality thrive, the practice of Yoga provides some brief sanity, enabling us to enjoy the experience of aligning our body through releasing postures which give us a deeper experience of our self, gaining calmness, focus and a sense of inner spaciousness to take back
our lives.


Jane's classes in Lewes have been running for over 10 years and are extremely popular so please ensure that you book your place as early as possible.  
Reiki Level 1  
Certificated Course
Sundays 4th & 11th June   

16 Station St,

Tutor: Sue Hall
Reiki Master Susan Hall will be holding a Reiki Level 1 Course over 2 summer Sundays.

As part of the course each student will be attuned to the Reiki healing energy. This process then allows the student to give healing to themselves and others throughout their lifetime.

 Sue's classes are friendly and informal, and you will experience the simple method of how Reiki is performed.

Learning Reiki is not an academic exercise so it is suitable for all ages.

On successful completion of the 2 day course, you will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate.   
With very best wishes from us all,
Paul, Rachel, Ella & the Equilibrium team 

Equilibrium, 16 Station Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2DB UK