Biodynamic Massage
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Corinna Kitchen
Licensed Senior Biodynamic Psychotherapist

The term biodynamic is connected with the flow of life energy through the body and mind. When this natural flow is disturbed we lose our joy and often symptoms can develop.

Biodynamic therapies work to:

Give you time and space for you

Help you to be in your wellbeing and joy of life

Restore your natural flow

Help to clear the effects of stress

Help you take charge of your life

Help you find courage for change and challenges

Help you discover your essential self

What is Biodynamic Psychology?

Biodynamic Psychology and its related therapies were established 60 years ago by Clinical Psychologist, Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005) and have been developed by the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine.

A distinguishing aspect of her work is the discovery that the brain-gut axis is the regulator of nervousness and energy in the body; and that two innate human survival mechanisms, if not deactivated after an event that is perceived as dangerous, can remain permanently active and adversely affect our wellbeing.

Biodynamic therapy uses a variety of different techniques to normalise this situation and to restore a person to their natural, exuberant, spontaneous self.

By adding bodywork, in the form of gentle but effective and targeted biodynamic massage, to more traditional psychotherapy and psychology, this holistic healing method can not only ease your mind, but also works to release stress and tension stored in your body. This reconnects you to what is known in Biodynamic Psychology as the 'Primary Personality' - your vibrant core self, ready, willing and able to meet life's challenges - and clears the way towards living an authentic and fulfilling life.

Once engaged, a natural process of healing unfolds. To allow this to happen organically a series of sessions is recommended in order to provide you with the time and space to experience your optimum wellbeing.

"There is an innate healing mechanism in the body which dissolves nervous tension in the muscles and resolves emotional and psychological conflict on the unconscious and organic level."
Gerda Boyesen

 What happens in a session?

The biodynamic environment is soft, warm, gently lit, private and comfortable, ensuring a safe and nurturing space.

Corinna tailors each session according to your needs at that time. Maybe you need time to talk through something affecting you emotionally or perhaps you have tension or pain that you need help with. Or you simply need to stop, rest and relax and let the stresses and strains of life fall away. Once your needs are clarified and understood the session will proceed with biodynamic massage or other treatment.

Corinna uses a loudspeaker stethoscope placed on your abdomen to listen to the sounds of your gut - known as 'psycho-peristalsis'. This provides her with crucial bio-feedback from your innate and intelligent 'second brain' and is a guide to effective treatment on all levels.

Corinna offers the following services:

First Treatment and Consultation, Home or Office visit - 1 or 2 hour options
On-going Sessions - 1 or 2 hours weekly or fortnightly
Half Day Programme - 2.5 hour session morning or afternoon
Day Programme - 5 hour session in one day
Retreat Programme - series of 6, 10 or 20 hours over 2-3-4 days. This is a substantial programme with space and time to really benefit.

If you are not based in Lewes, the Day Care or a Retreat Programme can be offered as a Residential Package - with accommodation and delicious organic food included as part of the nurturing environment.

Who can benefit?

All women, men and children are welcome. Each client completes a Client Information Record and has an Initial Consultation to determine mutually if this approach can be beneficial for you.

Corinna supports many clients through different stages in their life. This deep healing process can help to boost your metabolism, bring feelings of peace and relaxation, ease tension and pain and generally help to reconnect you to your wellbeing and happiness.

In the context of personal development, it can help to support you in times of loss, or if you have challenging emotions or difficult relationships. It is ideal if you are at a crossroad in your life or feeling stuck or if you are on a path of self-discovery and you want help to uncover and understand the things that hold you back.

A biodynamic session creates a neutral space for you to explore, share and clarify any matters, empowering you to take control and bring more joy and satisfaction to your life.

It is also increasingly being used in the field of trauma recovery in the newly emerging field of biodynamic medicine.


First treatment and consultation £80
Ongoing sessions £80 per hour and pro rata
Programme fees - price on application
Bona-fide concessions available - please ask.

How do I book?

1. Call 01273 476294

2. email


About Corinna Kitchen

Corinna Kitchen, Founder of Biodynamic Wellbeing, completed her five-year training in 2008 as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist and prior to this, in 2005, as a Biodynamic Massage Therapist. She was trained at the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine (IOBM) and taught by Gerda Boyesen® under the supervision of Mary Molloy, Founder and Principal of the Institute.

Corinna is an IOBM Licensed Senior Biodynamic Psychotherapist, works within the Codes of the Institute and practices in Lewes and London. Her practice is registered as a Biodynamic Clinic and benefits from the ongoing support and supervision of the Institute.

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